Roommates AU: In which they can finally pay the bills but some habits are hard to break


"Not a word to anyone, alright?"

"Hehe. As usual."

when i think of makorin, i imagine there would be times where rin would just totally want to be spoiled, and makoto would be more than happy to indulge him



He missed…

They make bad decisions most of the time.

Unmei no Hito [MakoRin]



Fandom: Free!
Title: Unmei no Hito
Circle: kiri
Pairing: Makoto/Rin
Rating: R-18

If you guys still remember Unmei Ja Nai Hito, this is the sequel to that book. No warnings/triggers this time. And this is from Makoto’s POV.

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you’re just my type
what’s a boy to do?
oh, i think i’m into you


an unlikely duo but I always end up drawing them together